Full Clips and Lion Haircut


Due to stricter rules on social distancing, all group courses have been postponed until further notice. However, if you are still interested in attending one of our courses please get in touch directly.

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Attend our one-day Master class on the full clip and “Lion” haircut and learn the easiest way of doing a wonderful, clean full clip, with beautiful head, boots and tail pom-pom. Learn how to avoid accidental skin cuts in delicate areas, and what to do if it happens. Practise the complex scissor work on the “Lion” haircut to perfect the style.

This course has been designed for professional cat groomers, tutors or anyone who has good cat clipping experience, wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills, and learn some new techniques and important accident prevention measures. After a cat clipping demonstration by our head tutor, you will be allocated your own cat and personal tutor for the day to practise.

Please be advised that this class is not designed for beginners. If don’t think that you have the experience needed when you begin clipping the cat we will ask you to stop, and the tutor will take over to demonstrate the clipping and you will continue working together.

Workshop benefits:

  • Enhance your skills and knowledge
  • Enjoy one-to-one tuition with a personal tutor
  • Receive a work book and studying material
  • Receive complementary photos
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance

On this workshop you will:

  • Learn the best techniques available from the top tutors
  • Be taught both the theory and practise of cat clipping
  • Be able to ask your tutor any questions throughout
  • Practise clipping and scissor work with your tutor
  • Be able to participate in a full clip from start to finish