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Would you like to run a profitable cat grooming business or learn how to groom your own cat like a professional?

At The Cat Grooming School we provide expert care for our cats and first class tuition for our students in a calm and welcoming environment where cat whispering rather than force is the fundamental key to any successful relationship with the cat.

The Cat Grooming School was founded in 2006 by Svetlana Broussova, and since it opened its doors, students have benefitted from state-of-the-art salon equipment and Svetlana’s years of experience as a cat groomer, and her background as a veterinary surgeon.

Students are taught impeccable hygiene standards, the best handling techniques, knowledge of feline anatomy, and an understanding of cat behaviour during the grooming. This gives the student the best all-round knowledge of the process of cat grooming.

The fundamental attitude of the Cat Grooming School is a passion for animals, and a focus on their health and welfare.

About the Founder and CEO

“The skills required to be a successful cat groomer are many and varied. Prerequisites include: using the appropriate materials and equipment in a sensitive, professional manner; understanding the behavioral traits and psychology of the individual animals being groomed so that they are helped to feel as relaxed as possible; as well as inspiring confidence in the owners so that they are reassured by the standard of care provided for their pet.

These are just a few of the essential requirements for success in the cat grooming business, all with the objective of ensuring that the finished result achieves the winning combination of a happy, handsome animal and an equally happy, satisfied customer.

Finding these skills in one person is a big ask but Svetlana Broussova surely has them in abundance, skills she has honed and refined through her years of experience as the director of Cat Grooming School. The passion and commitment she brings to her work has made her one of the most successful practitioners in her field.

The professional Cat Grooming School was created by Svetlana to enable students to reach the highest professional standard, taking the students on a rigorous and comprehensive journey from first principles through to final outcomes.

With her warm, vibrant personality and excellent communication skills, Svetlana gives the same energy and commitment to her training courses as she does to her grooming business. I believe that no one is better equipped than Svetlana Broussova to convey to students the essentials of cat grooming, providing them with the necessary training, expertise and confidence to help them make a success of their chosen career.”

JAMES HOGAN has worked to improve the welfare of animals at home and abroad for over 40 years. In that time he has served as vice chairman of a branch of the RSPCA, been chairman of an animal rehoming centre and organised training programmes for animal care workers in places as far afield as Russia. He is currently serving as a trustee of an American animal charity working to rescue stray animals in Afghanistan.


Cat Groomer is the great profession!

To date there is no City & Guilds qualification in Cat Grooming, so the Cat Grooming School has established its own set of professional qualifications, developed over a number of years, and ensuring that the highest standards of competency – not to mention impeccable animal welfare – are maintained.

Many of our students have gone on to work as professional cat groomers in pet salons or started up their own cat grooming businesses.

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