Basic Cat Grooming Techniques – books by Svetlana Broussova

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Grooming Shorthaired Cats

Grooming Longhaired Cats

Cat Grooming Techniques (PDF)

Cat Grooming Courses

The Cat Grooming School offers a wide range of cat grooming courses, across all levels of experience, providing expert tuition and first-hand practice in grooming cats. All courses are held in our state-of-the-art cat-grooming salon in East London.

Whether you are looking for a fun new hobby or begin an exciting new career, we have a course to suit you. We go beyond the practice of cat grooming, to business management, cat welfare and cat behavior – everything you need to know to become a successful professional.

Foundation Cat Grooming Course

Level 1

Intermediate Cat Grooming Course

Level 2

Advanced Cat Grooming Course

Level 3

Master Cat Groomer

Level 4

Business Cat Grooming Course


Advanced Workshops

Enhance your cat grooming skills and give your clients the best service possible by attending one of our one-day workshops. The day consists of lectures and expert demonstrations with professional cat groomer and head of the Cat Grooming School, Svetlana Broussova.

Full Clips and Lion Haircut

Dealing with Aggressive Cats

Bathing, Blow Drying & Styling the Cats

Groom Your Cat The Professional Way

Cat Grooming Open Session

Business Entrepreneurship

Our Recent Graduates