Cat Grooming Courses

Our courses are meticulously designed to bring together the best techniques and practice – we are constantly researching and developing the courses to ensure our technique is thorough, efficient and above all humane and gentle towards the cat. It is because of this that we continue to be the premier cat grooming training center in the UK.

Full-time or part-time, the Cat Grooming School offers a choice of flexible options to suit your circumstances and long-term goals. Our courses are challenging, intensive and rewarding, and are designed for people from all different backgrounds. Students learn the skills needed to either groom their own cat or to set up a cat grooming business within this highly specialised profession.

Courses take place in groups of one or two. As the largest cat grooming school in England, we are fortunate to have a diverse selection of cats to work with in the classes and each student is paired up with a cat – so there is no need to share. We guarantee two or three cats per student per day, providing students with a wealth of experience and personal attention.

This unique and intensive study method allows students to develop their skills quickly and efficiently, under the guidance of cat grooming experts and working professionals.

Book all four courses (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Master) and receive a FREE Bonus: the Cat Grooming Business Course worth £999 and complimentary copies of Grooming Shorthaired Cats and Grooming Longhaired Cats with DVD worth £90, signed by the author Svetlana Broussova.
Moreover, you'll receive up to one week of work experience and up to six months of support, completely FREE of charge!

Foundation Cat Grooming Course

This course has been designed to introduce students to many aspects of cat grooming. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, have little experience or are already grooming cats, this course is obligatory. Even the most experienced people will have to start from this course but with a higher probability that they will complete the Master Cat Grooming level faster. On this preliminary cat-grooming course, learn the foundation techniquesRead More »

Intermediate Cat Grooming Course

Develop and build on your skills and progress through to wet bath and blow-drying techniques across a number of cat breeds. Study the different types of coat (each cat is unique) and learn about its structure, and the consequences of over- or under-brushing. Expand your knowledge of the different types of cat shampoo and explore the advantages of hand blow-drying and the disadvantages of cage blow-drying. On this course weRead More »

Advanced Cat Grooming Training

This course has been designed as a continuation of the Intermediate Course in Cat Grooming, or for people with previous experience who would like to take their skills to the next level, subject to assessment and practical exam. The course takes you to the next level of cat grooming expertise, to polish and develop your skills and knowledge, perfecting your core techniques. Introduce a broader range to your repertoire, dealingRead More »

The Master Cat Groomer

Achieve the highest results and have the skills to become one of the top professional cat groomers in the country. Perfect your skills in full cat grooming and handling techniques, whispering and cat psychology. Master your skills in full clips, “Lion” haircuts, and treating matted coats. Refine your talent in scissor work and finishing styles; and work confidently with difficult and aggressive cats. The Master Cat Groomer course is theRead More »

Business Cat Grooming course

More info about this course coming soon