Dealing with Aggressive Cats


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Everyone wants to know how to control difficult and aggressive cats to give them a perfect groom. At this workshop you will find out the safest ways of managing these cats, and learn some of the skills you can use to work with and understand them. Know what you should have in place before you attempt to do so. And discuss if anaesthetic is the solution?

This course has been designed for professionals who are interested in feline behaviour and cat whispering in order to be successful in building trust, creating a bond between the cat and groomer, and ultimately making cat grooming as pleasant an experience as possible for both parties.

Workshop benefits:

  • An amazing seminar and workshop with practical experience
  • One-to-one tuition with a personal tutor
  • Learn cat behaviour, whispering and cat psychology
  • Learn unique techniques for grooming aggressive cats
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance

On this workshop you will:

  • Learn important handling techniques for grooming aggressive cats
  • Learn feline psychology and what might be behind his bad behaviour
  • Learn how to approach aggressive cats and build a bond
  • Learn first aid for both cat and groomer in unforeseen circumstances
  • Be practising grooming aggressive cats
  • Be able to participate in full grooming from start to finish
  • Be able ask any questions directly your tutor