Cat Grooming Open Session

Course Dates

1Open Sessions can be arranged upon request10am – 3pm£350Enquire

The Cat Grooming School hosts open days and cat grooming taster sessions. These events provide you with an opportunity to visit us and gain a better understanding of the cat grooming business.

Regardless of your background, cat grooming may be an ideal hobby or the beginning of a promising business venture. It could also serve as a convenient part-time job. If you own a cattery and wish to expand your business skills to include cat grooming, or if you’re a dog groomer looking to explore this new and exciting area, our open days are for you.

During the event, you will have complete access to the cat grooming business and gain valuable insights. Our team of friendly and professional staff, along with experienced tutors, will deliver lectures, address your inquiries, and provide live cat grooming demonstrations to showcase the skills involved.

To secure your spot, please email us at