Full Clips and Lion Haircut

Course Dates

Join us for our one-day masterclass on the Full Clip and “Lion” haircut, where you can acquire the skills to execute a flawless and meticulous full clip, complete with an elegant head, well-groomed paws, and a stylish pom-pom tail. Discover effective techniques to prevent accidental skin cuts in sensitive areas and learn the appropriate steps to take if such an incident occurs. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of scissor work involved in the “Lion” haircut to master this particular style.

This course is specifically tailored for experienced cat groomers, instructors, or individuals with a solid background in cat clipping who are eager to expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and acquire new techniques while emphasizing accident prevention measures. Following a cat clipping demonstration by our expert instructor, each participant will be assigned their own cat and personal tutor for the day to practice under their guidance.

Please note that this class is not suitable for beginners. If you feel uncertain about your level of experience when it comes to cat clipping, we kindly request you to refrain from participating. In such cases, our tutor will take charge of the clipping demonstration, allowing you to observe and collaborate in the process.