Foundation Cat Grooming Course

Course Dates

126/06/2024 - 27/06/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now
224/07/2024 - 25/07/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now
328/08/2024 - 29/08/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now
425/09/2024 - 26/09/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now
523/10/2024 - 24/10/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now
627/11/2024 - 28/11/202410am – 3pm£549Book Now

Book all four courses (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master) and receive a FREE Bonus:
the Cat Grooming Business Course, along with complimentary copies of "Grooming Shorthaired Cats" and "Grooming Longhaired Cats" with a signed DVD by the author, Svetlana Broussova.

Additionally, you'll enjoy up to one week of work experience and up to six months of support, completely FREE of charge!

This course has been designed to introduce students to many aspects of cat grooming. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, have little experience or are already grooming cats, this course is obligatory. Even the most experienced people will have to start from this course but with a higher probability that they will complete the Master Cat Grooming level faster. On this preliminary cat-grooming course, learn the foundation techniques for grooming short- and long-haired cats and clipping their claws, including essential cat anatomy. Get to know the best tools, products, and cat grooming techniques. Discover the biggest secrets of successful cat grooming and what it takes to be a professional Cat Groomer, and come away with many of the skills you need to groom a cat.

On this intensive 2 days course you will cover all the theory and practical information you need to get started. You will experiment with the different styles and techniques of cat grooming and claw clipping, and learn the best handling techniques in order to be able to complete a full dry bath for short-and long-haired cats, from start to finish, on your own. Finally, you will learn how to protect yourself in a business environment and how to deal with unexpected problems!

By the end of this course, you will have learned the basic theory of cat grooming and be able to carry out a full dry bath including claw clipping and face clean.

Please note that all our courses are in continuation progress towards the Master Cat Groomer certificate and therefore there will be no certificate awarded on this level.

You and your professional tutor Svetlana Broussova, will be working in our state of the art cat grooming salon. The course will be fun and will give you an insight into the cat grooming business.