Foundation Cat Grooming Course

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Course Dates
117/08/2022 - 18/08/202210am – 3pm£549Fully Booked
221/09/2022 - 22/09/202210am – 3pm£549Fully Booked
319/10/2022 - 20/10/202210am – 3pm£549Book Now
423/11/2022 - 24/11/202210am – 3pm£549Book Now

Book all four courses (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Master and receive a FREE Bonus: the Cat Grooming Business Course and complimentary copies of Grooming Shorthaired Cats and Grooming Longhaired Cats with DVD, signed by the author Svetlana Broussova.
Moreover, you'll receive up to one week of work experience and up to six months of support, completely FREE of charge!

Foundation Cat Grooming CourseThis course has been designed to introduce students to many aspects of cat grooming. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, have little experience or are already grooming cats, this course is obligatory. Even the most experienced people will have to start from this course but with a higher probability that they will complete the Master Cat Grooming level faster. On this preliminary cat-grooming course, learn the foundation techniques for grooming short- and long-haired cats and clipping their claws, including essential cat anatomy. Get to know the best tools, products, and cat grooming techniques. Discover the biggest secrets of successful cat grooming and what it takes to be a professional Cat Groomer, and come away with many of the skills you need to groom a cat.

On this intensive 2 days course you will cover all the theory and practical information you need to get started. You will experiment with the different styles and techniques of cat grooming and claw clipping, and learn the best handling techniques in order to be able to complete a full dry bath for short-and long-haired cats, from start to finish, on your own. Finally, you will learn how to protect yourself in a business environment and how to deal with unexpected problems!

By the end of this course, you will have learned the basic theory of cat grooming and be able to carry out a full dry bath including claw clipping and face clean.

Please note that all our courses are in continuation progress towards the Master Cat Groomer certificate and therefore there will be no certificate awarded on this level.

Course benefits:

  • No previous experience required
  • 2 days of intensive studies in a professional environment
  • Practical study with a maximum of two students per tutor
  • All equipment, tools, materials and products are provided
  • Study material and work book are provided
  • Complimentary photographs for your portfolio
Foundation Course at the Cat Grooming SchoolFoundation Course at the Cat Grooming SchoolFoundation Course at the Cat Grooming School
Ruth Quinn attending a Foundation Course at the Cat Grooming SchoolDella Cassidy attending a Foundation Course at the Cat Grooming SchoolRita attending a Foundation Course at the Cat Grooming School

On this course you will:

  • Learn the essential foundations of cat grooming techniques for short- and long-haired cats
  • Find out what tools, product and materials are best for grooming cats
  • Learn the cat claw anatomy and how to clip claws the correct way
  • How to clean the cat’s eyes, ears and body
  • Learn why personal protection is important
  • Build up your cat grooming confidence

You and your professional tutor Svetlana Broussova, will be working in our state of the art cat grooming salon. The course will be fun and will give you an insight into the cat grooming business.




  • Anett

    I really enjoyed the training! I found it very inspiring and already given foundational knowledge about the profession. It helped me to understand what cat grooming really is about and the importance of it. I would highly recommend it to everyone and I would love to continue my studies here.

    Thank you for everyone’s kindness, patience and help during this 2 days, your passion and dedication towards the cats and the professionalism was one of the biggest, most positive impact on me.

  • Rebecca

    Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

    Doing the foundation course has been amazing. Svetlana and Edita have been so patient and given us lot of hands an experience with various cats over the 2 days.

    It is intense but gives you enough information to decide if you want to start a cat grooming business. I can’t wait to take the next steps. Seeing first hand how the business works has been invaluable as well.

    Thank you for the great experience !

  • Claire

    Thank you Svetlana and Edita,

    I have really enjoyed being part of the foundation course on cat grooming. The study material (books) are great are great to read before embarking on the practical instruction. Being able to work with cats from the offset has been wonderful.

    Svetlana and Edit are both incredibly knowledgeable and their experience of handling cats is something I aspire to learn going forward.

    Thank you again!

  • Sonia Redpath

    Sonia Redpath

    I am an owner of a large Ragdoll cat and had tried and failed to find a qualified Professional cat groomer for my cat. In the process of google searches, I came across Svetlana Broussova’s website and saw that you could go and work for 2 days learning to groom cats correctly, even if you just wanted to be better at grooming your own cats.

    I live in Newcastle over 300 miles away but decided I would do this for my cat. I never expected to feel the way I did and by the end of the three days, I knew I wanted to do Professional Cat grooming for my job. It was not easy by any means and would mean lots of traveling, time and practice. However I decided this was what I wanted and Svetlana agreed that I had good ability if I worked hard.

    The courses are set out in a structure that teaches you in the correct stages of handling techniques, reading the cat’s behaviour and cat whispering before the bigger techniques even come in so you build up to the Advanced training. I managed this with lots of support and it was agreed that if I wanted to continue to Master Groomer, it was a good idea. This was very hard but so worth doing and the feeling of dealing with the more complicated cases and beautiful end results is amazing. Svetlana was qualified as a veterinary surgeon back home in Russia and her team have the highest standards in skills and work ethics.

    They have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I’ve gone from a hairdresser and nutrition coach to a big change of Professional Master Cat Groomer and I cannot thank them enough. If you are looking for a high level of training and you are willing to commit time, effort, practice and listen well you too will do well.

    Sonia Redpath