What do I need to bring with me to the Advanced and Master Level Courses?


You are required to have your own uniform and we advise that you have two sets so you can change when required.


You are required to wear professional shoes.


You are required to bring your own professional tools. Following your Foundation and Intermediate Courses, you will receive the list of things to bring with you. Equipment and some materials with products will be provided until the end of the course.


Please bring your pen and notebook so you can take notes and refer back to them.


If you are staying in a hotel, we encourage you to bring your laptop, if you have one, so you can do your homework.

Cameras and Mobile phones:

You will be encouraged to ask your tutor to take as many pictures as possible for your portfolio. You may prefer to bring your own camera rather than a phone, if you wish. Please keep in mind that it would benefit you to have as many pictures as possible for your business, so please ask your tutor to assist you! In return we will ask you to provide our school with 5-6 of the best photos of yourself in training.

Food & Drink:

We provide tea and coffee, milk and biscuits during your time on the course. However, we encourage you to bring your own lunch and drinking water. If you have specific food requirements please bring them with you, as we cannot cater for all needs.

Please make sure you take care of yourself and eat and drink when you need to. Do not hesitate to speak to your tutor.