Emma Fegan

Emma Fegan

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I decided in my late twenties to change careers and pursue my true vocation; working with cats! My research led me quickly to the Cat Grooming School’s website and I was immediately hooked on the idea of becoming a professional cat groomer. I attended the Beginner course in April 2019 and learnt so much from Svetlana in those few short days that I was keen to come back asap for the Intermediate course later that year.

I finally took the plunge in April 2020 and left my job in order to complete the Advanced and Master courses on a 1-2-1 basis over the period of 4 full time weeks. Due to covid-19, this ended up being in July 2020 rather than May/June as planned! I can’t thank Svetlana enough for her reassurance and flexibility when it came to the ever-changing landscape of lockdown.

The courses are by no means easy; learning the skill of cat grooming is immensely challenging both physically and mentally, and I was frequently out of my comfort zone. However, with Svetlana’s expert guidance and tuition, and Edita’s constant reassuring presence and seemingly inexhaustible patience, I grew in confidence and skills and completed my Master Cat Groomer course in early August 2020. The salon is never short of feline clients for students to learn the practical skills with, and I was also instructed on the business management aspects of cat grooming as well, which really is invaluable for a new business owner. As a graduate of the School, I know that I can always turn to Svetlana for guidance going forward as well, which is very good to know.

Feline Good Cat Grooming has now been operating in Milton Keynes & surrounding area for nearly a month; I am so glad I took the plunge, and immensely grateful to Svetlana and Edita at the Cat Grooming School. Without their invaluable teaching I would not now be running the business of my dreams and making a real difference to the quality of lives of cats in my area, so I cannot thank them enough.

Lots of love,

Emma Fegan
Feline Good Cat Grooming