Febe Macharis, Belgium

Febe Macharis, Belgium

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As I was looking for a new challenge in my life and a career switch, I came across the idea of becoming a cat groomer. Since I have been crazy about cats all my life, it would be a perfect job for me and a dream come true.

I discovered Svetlana’s Cat Grooming School in London, UK and contacted Svetlana to ask more questions. Because I live in Belgium it was not an easy decision to come to London to become a master groomer, but am I happy I took that chance.

Thanks to Svetlana and her team I learned so much about cats. Not only the grooming part, but also how to handle them and respect them even more than I already did. It is a hands-on course and I had to work hard, be disciplined and take great care. But that’s the only way to become a true Master Cat Groomer.

I really can say that I learned from the best.
Thank you so much Svetlana for making my dream come true.