Kate Stanchauskaite

Kate Stanchauskaite

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Decision to have a change of career and become a cat groomer was one of the best decisions in my life. I want to thank Cat Grooming School team from the bottom of my heart – Svetlana, Edita and Elena – for being so supportive in my journey to become “Master Cat Groomer”.

Step by step, under the close supervision and professional guidance of Edita and Svetlana, I learned all aspects of grooming: from how to properly clean cat’s ears and clip their nails to how to work with a clipper and handle difficult cats.

And all of this was with A LOT of practice and honing the cat grooming techniques. At the end of every day, I felt my progress and gained more and more confidence.

Learning new things is never easy, and for me it was mentally and physically challenging path full of surprises, joy and even tears, couple of times. But it was worth it every second.

Right now I feel confident in my skills. I know how to handle different kinds of cats and how to make grooming experience more pleasant for my fluffy clients.