Louise Laird

Louise Laird

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Having been an owner and lover of cats all my life, the thought of being able to not only work with cats but also help them was the real motivation behind pursuing something I love by becoming a cat groomer. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to give up my career in risk management and embark on my cat grooming journey.

I wanted only the best tuition as I know cats are not the easiest of animals to deal with. Having done much research, the Cat Grooming School in London stood out as a clear winner to provide the expert 1-2-1 training and support I needed and it did not disappoint.

Having completed the 2 day Foundation Course ran by Svetlana, I had a thirst to learn more so I immediately signed up for the full Master Cat Groomer course.

The course is very comprehensive as you are taken through every aspect of cat grooming such as dealing with a variety of cats and their temperaments, different handling techniques and exposure to having to deal with the unexpected as and when it happens. The course is very intense, however, it provides you with the hands on experience and expertise needed to become a Master Cat Groomer.