• Pauline Kemp

    Pauline Kemp
    Pauline Kemp

    Pauline Kemp

    Following my life-changing decision to leave a career working in Central London to do something I genuinely loved, I started up my Pet Care business (primarily pet sitting), but knew I wanted to do more. 

    With a particular affection for cats and remembering the problems grooming my elderly arthritic cat some years ago, I decided I wanted to find out more about cat grooming.

    I extensively researched the website for cat grooming courses and Svetlana Broussova’s name came up a number of times and was highly recommended for her excellent training through her Cat Grooming School.  I decided to try the Taster Session Day to find out more.  I was in awe how very shabby cats could be transformed into the beautiful animals they should be by skilled professional cat groomers!  This Taster Day made me realise I wanted to learn this skill too.

    What a journey I embarked on!  I can honestly say it was the hardest, most exhausting, but also the most rewarding training I have ever done.  It certainly was not easy – I had no idea cats could be so strong!  But with Svetlana and Edita there to support and guide me, plus the other students I met on the course, I successfully completed my training from Foundation through to Master Cat Groomer level.

    I am now building my own client base – no two cat grooms are the same!  How I love it!

    So, thank you Svetlana and Edita for introducing me to the amazing world of cat grooming.

    With Love
    Pauline Kemp
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