Rachael Sherwell

Rachael Sherwell

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After an unexpected ‘career break’ I was looking for a new direction when someone suggested doing something I loved. Cats have been a passion for years and I currently have three Maine Coon boys and a little Moggie queen. I wondered how I could work with cats and then, after finding details of Svetlana’s Cat Grooming School, I decided on becoming a cat groomer.

What other people have said is true, it’s very difficult to find training to become a cat groomer. One course only responded 3 months after I’d sent an enquiry. Luckily I was well into Svetlana’s course by then. Other places were predominantly dog grooming salons so didn’t look like they’d have a ready supply of cats to work and train on.

Unlike the Svetlana’s Grooming School where there were cat’s aplenty! With great people (you know who you are Edita!) and an extremely knowledgeable trainer in Svetlana. It was hard work, actively helping in caring for the 6-7 cats booked in each day. There was sweat and (almost) tears. I was the only trainee most of the time and ended up grooming up 4 cats a day once I started to get the hang of things. But the training, the large number of cats groomed, the confidence it gave me – all priceless. And since qualifying as a Master Cat Groomer Svetlana has also invited me back for a few days to enhance my full clip work. So you’re not alone just because your course has finished.

Now, Feline Divine Cat Grooming is up and running around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. I have a new business and love going to work. No more driving hundreds of miles but not getting a sale in the end. I can’t think I’d have got anywhere near the level of training elsewhere so a big THANK YOU to Svetlana!