Sonia Redpath

Sonia Redpath

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Svetlana Broussova offers courses that contain a high level of knowledge and experience. Over and above the qualifications of being a Veterinary Surgeon, she has many years of experience of working with many cats, many types and temperaments.

You are taught Cat whispering and handling over and above anything because Svetlana says you must have this before you think you can cat groom. She has a very good team member in Edita for extra student support and the content is extensive.

You will work hard but the rewards are very much worth it and I felt extremely emotional when Svetlana gave feedback at the end of my Master Groomer course, as I value her opinion and feedback.

I traveled from Newcastle to London 4x in a year, giving up a career in Nutrition and fitness, organising family so I could complete this course work and it has been very worth it. Svetlana offers ongoing advise re grooming and business necessities you will need to continue as a Professional groomer and succeed in business.

Thank you Svetlana and Edita for a life changing decision I love doing.

Sonia Redpath
Purrs and Furr Cat Grooming,
Newcastle upon Tyne.