Zoe Willson

Zoe Willson

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I’ve just graduated as a Master Cat Groomer with the Cat Grooming School.

I started with the Foundation course in February and I can’t believe how far I have come! Its been a crazy journey but I have learnt so much about cat grooming (obviously) but also about myself.

Edita, my tutor has been absolutely amazing! She’s so kind and patient and has been there from day one being so supportive. Her knowledge and experience has been key to me being able to go from strength to strength with my own grooming.

Elena, the salon manager has also been a superstar making me feel so welcome with unending positivity and support. Svetlana was so kind and helpful during our phone conversations and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the salon on a couple of occasions.

I’m looking forward to completing the business course with her soon! Svetlana has built the most amazing school in the UK and continues to help and support so many cats and their owners. I was so happy to have been accepted by Svetlana to study at the Cat Grooming School and am honoured to now count myself among it’s elite graduates!

Its been an amazing experience which I will never forget!
Thank you so much guys!