Bathing, Blow Drying & Styling the Cats


Due to stricter rules on social distancing, all group courses have been postponed until further notice. However, if you are still interested in attending one of our courses please get in touch directly.

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This full cat grooming demonstration, seminar and workshop will enhance your skills and knowledge, and give you a fresh understanding of cat grooming methods and handling techniques – we will demonstrate our unique methods for a perfect groom. Learn about the best equipment, tools and products available on the market, and finish with scissor work and customer advice.

This fun and easy-going workshops has been designed for professionals, and anyone who is interested in efficient cat brushing techniques, who would like to expand their knowledge and skills in bathing and blow drying methods, and feline styles. Learn the best cat shampoos, sprays and finishing products available on the market.

Workshop benefits:

  • A fun and easy going workshop, full of new tips and tricks
  • Theory and practise on a one-to-one tuition basis
  • Secrets of keeping the coat in wonderful condition
  • Learn unique calming aromatherapy cat massage techniques
  • Receive a certificate of Attendance

On this workshop you will:

  • Be practising handling and learn efficient grooming methods
  • Be bathing, blow drying and styling the cat
  • Learn all about finishing products and scissor work
  • Be able to ask your tutor any questions throughout the workshop
  • Be able to participate in a full grooming from start to finish